April 3, 2024

A Divine Appointment

Jeremy Koering
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Andy, May, and Sarah Ziesemer watching The Mirage Volcano in Las Vegas.

Yesterday, we launched our new series Into To The Nations with Andy Ziesemer. Behind the scenes, I have been helping develop the series for about three months. One of the first steps to creating content is making an editorial calendar. In early January, I had circled April 2nd for the launch day–the first Tuesday of the second quarter.

What I didn’t know when I circled the date to release the new show was the magnificence of God’s timing.

Andy was scheduled to lead worship for Calvary San Diego on Good Friday and Easter. We were talking on the phone and as it turns out, flights were really expensive because of Spring Break.

So, I suggested to Andy that he check flight prices out of Las Vegas. As it worked out, flights were a bit cheaper. We got everything booked and the Ziesemers were set to visit my wife and I.

Why am I sharing this story?

When you start a new project, there are a lot of peaks and valleys. You never want your highs to be too high and your lows be too low. I have launched countless websites and marketing campaigns in my 20-year career. Despite my experience, you never know how a project will be received by your audience.

Additionally, I work out of my home office in Las Vegas. When you work remotely, it’s really easy to feel insecure or fear that you will let your team down. So, I find celebrating your wins–or in this case a project release–is important.

When I scheduled the release day, I had no idea that Andy and I would be able to celebrate launch day together.

To me, that’s a divine appointment because it produced the encouragement I need to continue pushing forward, so that we can help connect you to the mission field. I never expected that we would get to watch the premier together, let alone in my living room.

Sharing a meal at In-N-Out with Andy and May Ziesemer in Las Vegas.
Sharing a meal at In-N-Out with Andy and May Ziesemer in Las Vegas.

God Plan

Today, I woke up at 5:30 AM excited for what God is doing with Nations Outreach. The support we have received is incredible. As these ideas and goals that we are developing become a reality, we are seeing opportunities open up like never before.

A few months back, I shared about how it’s hard to see God’s plan in the moment. Soon, my 31-week pregnant wife and I will meet our baby girl. In the midst of doctors appointments, classes, and preparing for her arrival, I have seen divine moments that confirm in my spirit that we are aligned with God’s plan.

I am so excited to share our Nations Outreach journey with you. As God orchestrates his will for our organization, I hope you are encouraged to trust God and his timing.

We are hearing from missionaries, pastors, and ministry leaders around the world. We need to be like Paul and encourage the church in-person. We need to tell their stories.

I would ask you in joining us at Nations Outreach. If you want to become a ministry partner, please fill out an application. I know times are tough, but if you would to become a financial partner, your gift means we can keep sharing the gospel and encouraging the church in all nations. If you can’t go or give, please pray. Pray for our team members and our ministry partners.

Thank you for your support.


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