April 10, 2024

Behind The Scenes: WOW! What A Month

Jeremy Koering
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It’s been just over a month since my last behind the scenes update. A lot has happened at Nations Outreach. Before I update you on everything we’ve done and what’s coming next, I wanted to show you a map of all the users coming to the site.

In the photo above, you can see all the countries that have visited the site in the last month. We had over 10k views from over 135 countries. It’s been humbling to see users from around the world engage our content and mission.

What’s New

In March, Andy and Craig went to Ukraine, we’re putting together multiple episodes to show you what is happening with the church inside the war torn country. The stories are gut wrenching, but full of hope.

We welcomed the Luper Family to the team. They will be serving abroad as missionaries.

We launched Into The Nations with Andy Ziesemer. The first episode exploded on YouTube and has over 50k views. Yesterday we published episode two, which is gaining momentum. One of the most unexpected things that happened during the launch is that Andy and his wife Sarah were able to visit my wife and I in Las Vegas. To work so hard to produce a show, then have God’s timing put us together on launch day was a huge encouragement and blessing.

We made some significant improvements to the website, including speeding up pages on the site to improve your experience when you’re looking through out content.

As a small team, sometimes you have to pivot quickly. Things I planned to do like course videos were delayed. However, I have been working on my scripts and I hope to provide our missionaries and partners those valuable resources soon.

What’s Next

We are continuing to produce new episodes of Into The Nations every Tuesday. Next week, the video is set in Italy with the Kosovo team. The following week is a video about the Kosovo ministry, then at the end of the month we’ll start the Ukraine series.

This month I have a few projects that I’m aiming to get done.

  • Course videos – Scripting multiple courses to provide to our missionaries and ministry partners
  • Website optimization – We have multiple pages that still require updates, I’m working through them one-by-one.
  • Email – I am working on some new email funnels for our newsletter, subscribe if you haven’t yet!

May God bless you and keep you. Until the next update, peace.

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