March 6, 2024

We’re Going To Ukraine.

Andy Ziesemer
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I leave soon for Budapest, Hungary, with Craig Finley and other Pastors from the Seattle metro area. We will spend day one gathering supplies needed by our partners inside Ukraine before we begin our long van ride across the country.

Over the course of this trip we will be driving more than three thousand kilometers, to meet up with local churches and ministry partners providing essential care to displaced Ukrainian citizens.

We’ve had the opportunity to be partnered with many people providing care throughout the country since the start of this war more than two years ago.

We know that the church is growing, and people are finding their hope in Jesus. However the relentless challenges remain throughout the war-torn region. Our hope is to be an encouragement to those living through this time, and to return with greater insights on how your giving brings immediate effect. 

The story of this conflict is far from finished, but we know exactly where true hope lies. We are committed to sharing this hope alongside the local church, caring for those we meet, and communicating their stories. 

Please consider this letter my personal invitation to partnership.

Your generous giving is what enables us to carry supplies to our partners and care for them in person. After twenty years of working with missionaries, I can attest that sometimes, just showing up is the purest form of care.

And so, we will continue to go into the nations, to care for people and tell their stories.

Andy Ziesemer

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