I Wasn’t Ready To See This In Ukraine

Experience the raw emotion of Ukraine’s crisis, as Andy reflects on faith and family.

9 min • April 30, 2024


In Episode 5 of Into The Nations with Andy Ziesemer, we take a personal look into the heart of a nation grappling with conflict. Follow Andy to Hlukiv, Ukraine, a town shadowed by the frontline of war, yet illuminated by the resilience and hope of its people.

Through his eyes, experience the emotional parallels of seeing a community in crisis, where the faces of loneliness, struggle, and unwavering spirit remind him of his own family.

This episode goes beyond the headlines, providing a unique lens into the day-to-day life amid turmoil and the incredible strength of human connection. Witness how the gospel’s power and the church’s role transcend borders, offering relief and refuge in times of desperate need.

Join Andy as he reflects on the lessons learned from the ground, the impact of war on ordinary lives, and the enduring faith in humanity’s darkest hours.


Into The Nations with Andy Ziesemer

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