Inside The Persecuted Church In Pakistan

Witness the unwavering faith and generosity of the persecuted Pakistani church who are dedicated to living the gospel.

11 min • April 9, 2024


Join me, Andy Ziesemer, in episode two of Into The Nations. In this episode, we see inside the persecuted church in Pakistan.

See the fearless generosity and unwavering faith of the church in Pakistan. Amidst the realities of a persecuted church in Pakistan, I found an awe-inspiring story of selflessness. Led by Pastor Samuel, this local congregation demonstrates what it truly means to live out the Gospel—sharing everything with open hands, and exhibiting trust in God’s provision.

From the devoted church members giving sacrificially, to the empowering sewing school for vulnerable women, their actions speak volumes about their dedication to Jesus and their community.

Despite facing very real dangers, this community worships together with courage and conviction that defies their circumstances. In a world where religious freedom is often taken for granted, these believers stand boldly, showing us the profound impact of unshakable belief.

Join us as we share a profound story that may very well redefine your understanding of faith, sacrifice, and the power of community. This isn’t just a glimpse into the life of a church—it’s a reflection on the potential of the global church when driven by pure, fearless generosity.

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