Less Than 2,000 Christians Live Here

Andy takes you to Europe’s least evangelized country, showing the struggles of growing a faith community in Kosovo.

10 min • April 23, 2024


In Episode 4 of Into The Nations with Andy Ziesemer, we travel to the heart of the Balkans to Pristina, Kosovo, a country where Christianity represents a mere fraction of the population.

This intriguing episode dives deep into the complexities of expressing faith in a predominantly Muslim nation, exploring why the symbol of the cross, a beacon of hope for many around the world, is perceived as offensive in Kosovo.

Andy shares eye-opening discussions with local believers and converts, revealing the high cost of choosing Christianity in a country with less than 2,000 evangelical Christians.

From the unique challenges faced by new believers to the innovative ways the Christian community is growing and sharing the Gospel—like through a vibrant Newborn Brew coffee shop in Pristina—this episode offers a rare glimpse into faith, resilience, and the universal quest for spiritual identity in one of Europe’s least evangelized nations.

Join Andy on this profound journey into the lives and stories of Kosovo’s Christians, illuminating the power of faith in the face of adversity.


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