Published March 15, 2024

9 Ways How To Support Missionaries

Understanding how to support missionaries is crucial to their success and well-being. Here’s 9 practical ways to help.

9 Ways How To Support Missionaries
Jeremy Koering
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Embarking on a missionary journey often requires more than just a calling and strong will; it necessitates a community of support to sustain on the field.

Understanding how to support missionaries is crucial to their success and well-being.

Whether through spiritual, emotional, or material means, support can significantly impact their ability to make a positive difference.

In this guide, I’ll highlight 9 practical ways to support missionaries, ensuring they feel bolstered by a network of compassionate and proactive backers.

How To Support Missionaries

Here are simple ways to support missionaries on the field and ensure they flourish in their missionary work.

1. Praying

Prayer is the most important and powerful way to support missionaries.  As they embark on their journey, missionaries are faced with spiritual warfare and constant challenges.

Your consistent prayers for their safety, strength, and success can be a source of encouragement and protection.

Moreover, by praying for specific needs and requests from the missionaries themselves, you actively participate in their ministry even if you’re physically far away.

Most missionaries send out newsletters and updates with their latest prayer requests and needs. Keep an eye out for these and make sure to include them in your prayers.

2. Financial Support

The only way missionaries can continue their ministry is through financial support. Consider donating to their cause, whether it’s a one-time gift or regular support.

You can also help by actively fundraising on their behalf, organizing events or spreading the word about their work.

Most missionaries are supported 100% by people like you. Your financial support ensures they can focus on their work without worrying about finances.

3. Send Care Packages & Gifts

Living in a foreign country can be challenging, and receiving care packages and gifts from home can make all the difference for missionaries.

Consider sending them items they miss from home or things that are difficult to find in their host country. A small treat or familiar candy will often bring a smile to their faces and remind them of your love and support.

You could also send practical gifts like books, study materials, or equipment that can aid them in their ministry work.

Remember to check with the local customs regulations before sending anything.

4. Respond To Their Needs

As mentioned before, most missionaries send out newsletters to keep you informed with what God is doing in their ministry.

It’s not uncommon for  them to include specific needs or requests for support. Be attentive and responsive to these needs, whether it’s financial support, resources, or practical help.

Whatever their need is, you can support missionaries by responding to their needs and showing them that people care about them and their ministry.

5. Offer Help & Hospitality

Missionaries often find themselves in situations where they need extra help or support. Whether it’s assistance with language learning, practical needs like moving furniture, or simply a listening ear, your offer to help goes a long way.

You could also offer hospitality by inviting them for a meal or hosting them in your home during their visits back home. This provides an opportunity for them to rest and feel loved while also giving you a chance to catch up with their work.

6. Offer A Service

If you are skilled in a craft, offer it to a missionary for free.

Before starting Nations Outreach, I helped Andy Ziesemer build his ministry with web design, copywriting, and other services.

Your skills and services can make a significant difference in the missionary’s work, freeing them up to focus on their calling.

It also allows them to save money and allocate it to other areas of their ministry.

7. Tell Your Church Congregation

Missionaries need large support groups. It’s not uncommon for support to dwindle as life circumstances change for donors.

Telling your church congregation, small groups, or friends about the missionary’s work can help garner more support for them.

Share updates and prayer requests from missionaries with these groups. Encourage others to get involved and offer their support as well.

By spreading the word, you are broadening their support network and helping them continue their mission.

8. Stay In Touch

Sometimes all a missionary needs is to know someone is thinking about them.

Stay in touch through emails, letters, or video calls. Regular communication can provide a great source of encouragement and comfort for missionaries.

It also allows you to stay updated on their work and needs so that you can continue to support them effectively.

9. Visit A Missionary

If possible, plan a visit to the missionary’s host country. This not only allows you to see firsthand the impact of their work but also provides an opportunity for you to encourage and support them in person.

Your visit can be a refreshing break from their daily routine, and they will appreciate your efforts to come and see them on the field.


Supporting missionaries is crucial to their success and well-being. By following these 9 ways to support missionaries, you can actively participate in their ministry and ensure they feel supported, loved, and encouraged.

Financial Support: To stay on the mission field, missionaries rely on your generosity. Your donations allow missionaries to continue to share the Gospel without fear of paying rent, buying food, and supporting their family.

At Nations Outreach, you can give to a specific missionary or donate to our general fund which goes to helping sustain missionaries and ministries around the world. 

Moral Support: Over 70% of missionaries leave the missions field for preventable reasons. Your support and encouragement will help sustain missionaries and keep their ministries active.

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