Newborn Brew

With your gift, our partners at Newborn Brew can continue to share the gospel and care for people in the heart of Pristina, Kosovo.

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Newborn Brew’s purpose

Newborn Brew is a coffeeshop in Pristina, Kosovo–but it’s more than that. It’s a church living in its community led by Jordan and Jenny Silva. It’s where missionaries are intentional to love the community and share the gospel.

Kosovo is 96% Muslim, with less than 2,000 total evangelical Christians. It’s the youngest country in Europe–with a tragic history and potentially a difficult future.

At Nations Outreach, we support Newborn Brew and their dedicated missionaries. We see a vibrant community of believers working to reach Albanians and Kosovars. We need your help to achieve our goals in Kosovo. Please donate today, join the prayer list, and consider becoming a longterm missionary at Newborn Brew.

Our targets

  • Add 100 prayer partners to the Newborn Brew prayer team.
  • Recruit additional longterm missionaries join Newborn Brew, serving in Pristina, Kosovo.
  • Raise $6,000 in monthly support to sustain Newborn Brew longterm.

Kosovo Videos

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Why Leaving Kosovo Wasn’t Possible Join Andy and Newborn Brew as they travel to Rome, Italy after Kosovo was granted “Visa Liberation.” 9 min • April 16, 2024

What is Newborn Brew?

Newborn Brew is the church living in its community. It is a gospel saturated tool, where missionaries are intentional to love the community God has placed us in.

We do this by living for and worshiping Jesus openly and providing multiple ways for the gospel to go out. We opened the coffeeshop in August of 2021 and have been blown away by Gods goodness every step of the way, especially in the difficult and hard seasons of ministry. Kosovo is 96% muslim on paper, the youngest country in Europe, has a very difficult past and likely very difficult future.

We get to be here and bring Jesus to our beautiful Albanian friends! Newborn Brew is the coolest coffeeshop in the city and the tool God has given us to reach our community!

What does Newborn Brew do?

To make it simple, Newborn Brew’s mission is three pronged:

We open our mouths and share the Word of God. We live our lives out daily with our student community, letting them see our lives as we live obedient to Jesus and our repentance when we are not. We do this primarily though one on one relationships. We also host small groups, weekly bible studies, pray nights, and weekly services all in the coffee shop. This is our primary mission and main focus. Everything comes secondary to this.

This is both harder and easier than it sounds. Easier because just treating your employees kindly, respecting your customers and honoring your government by paying taxes fully sets you apart from pretty much every other business in a big way. Harder because it costs a lot to run a business well and care for employees fairly. We currently have a staff of 7 Albanian employees. They are awesome! About half are believers and the others are Muslims. We love them all so much and have become a great team together. We do our best to take care of them well, but still fall short to pay them a truly livable income. We home to have the support to change that soon.

Our Customers love us and we love them. We modeled our coffeeshop like many you would find in the States, with a little flair of those we have visited around the world. We are unique in the city of being the only place designed from the ground up to be a blessing to students. We have ample study and working space our customers can use all day long. They can stay as long as they like using our space to read, study, work or meet with friends. We also have a ridicules amount of board games the students can check out and play in the coffeeshop for free. Weekly we have events ranging from trivia, live music, holiday parties, and skate/art/photography clubs to name a few. All of this is unique to Newborn Brew and makes us known throughout the city as the “christian missionaries that opened a coffeeshop, love students and have lots of board games.” Our coffee is pretty good too!

Newborn Community

Newborn Brew is situated in the heart of the capital city of Kosovo, Pristina. Pristina is young and restless. Its university students are bright and full of so much potential.

They are willing to share their lives with us and discuss deep heart issues of life and faith. Sharing the gospel of Jesus is easy in Pristina, but people making the decision to follow Jesus as their Lord, is not. We love the students God has brought us and are willing to walk with them for years as God draws them to Himself. Many of them are people that aren’t accepted in their communities or are from broken and hurt homes.

We are messy and broken people made whole by Jesus, loving messy and broken people in need of Jesus. Our job is to love them and introduce them to this Jesus of the Bible.

Join us! We want partners!

By this point we hope the question isn’t why join us, but why not! God is moving in Kosovo and we are confident he is going to uphold His name as the redeemer, savior, and reconciling God that He is. Please be apart of that work. We need three things mainly: prayer, workers and support if this place is going to stay open. We believe God will provide all that we need as he has for the past three years and praying for you to be the answer to the needs we have.


Join our prayer list or and Facebook group. Follow Nations Outreach as they support the work of the coffeeshop and help tell the story of what God is doing here. Every day our team faces challenges and spiritual warfare on the front lines of ministry and we share Jesus to people under the bondage of sin and islam. Everyday we rejoice in the goodness of God as glorifies Himself in making all things work together for good. Don’t miss out on those stories. Our team does our best update regularly. Please join us in prayer and provided the greatest blessing you can to our team and this country, your prayers.


We need people that ooze Jesus and are faithful in their walk and work. Volunteer missionaries are always a blessing in the coffeeshop and vital to the mission. The gifts God has given you are needed in the work here in as we share Jesus. Long term co-laborers are the most needed, but are open to shorter term(6 months-1 year) volunteers as well. If you have a willingness to learn from the Spirit and the team, humble and servant hearted, and have a desire to share Jesus with people through evangelism then we would love to talk more!


We are looking for ministry partners that want to help cover the shortfall of the coffeeshop. Because our priorities are focused on sharing the gospel and loving our community, this means we have made decisions that hurt income. Newborn is always busy and a dream come true for evangelism and ministry, but it will likely never break even finically. We started the coffeeshop aware of this and trusted God that if he wants it around, he will provide. So far He has in miraculous ways. We do our best to bring in as much income as we can and operate the business ethically and God honoring. We pay our employees more than other coffeeshops around the city(even still it is not a livable income) and give them healthier work hours. Most coffeeshops, in order to survive turn into a bar in the evenings to bring in more income, but we don’t sell alcohol so miss out on this income. We pay our taxes fully, that even our account says is crazy to do in Kosovo. Kosovo is one of the poorest countries in Europe with the average income around 300 euro. We are desiring churches and individuals to invest in the work God is doing in Pristina, Kosovo.

Reach out to to be apart of the updates, inquires of serving with us and any questions you may have!