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Spain Summer Mission Trip

Spain Summer Mission Trip

June 19-July 4, 2024 • $2,350

High School & College Students

Each summer we have gathered a group of teenagers for a wonderful adventure in serving and reaching out with the gospel of Jesus through the vehicle of dance. Accompanied by a live swing band, the students, each taught to swing dance, both perform and invite the crowds to dance. Sometimes we teach, sometimes we just reach out and invite people to join. 

Our goal is to establish a connection with people in a delightful way, to ask them their story, and be ready for an opportunity to share ours. 

We train the students to share their stories, and the story of Jesus. We’ve found this to be a very effective and fun way to share the gospel. We work with churches and missionaries – this year in the Basque Region of Spain and in Madrid. 

Along with dance outreach, we’ll be holding conversational English gatherings where we can meet people with their desire to practice their English and learn new terms. Here’s the hope – that those who come to the classes will come to the outreaches, those that come to the outreaches would meet us in the English gatherings…all geared toward building relationships and sharing faith.

Dance Skills

Absolutely no previous dance skills are required – we’ll give resources and lead the team in basic dance (along with some fancy stuff thrown in) If students are gifted in dance, we’ll work to create special displays of dance to bring to the streets. Along with our very talented set of musicians, it can be a real spectacle and crowd gatherer. 

Evangelism Skills

We’ll train the students to clearly share the story of Jesus. And how to invite people to pray with them to begin a relationship of faith in Jesus. Again, if there are students gifted in sharing the message, we’ll give them opportunity to get on the mic and preach!


The cost will be $2350. Those of you who know international travel and lodging know that this is an incredible deal. We do it by getting the most cost effective flights, lodging (though our goal is to house the students with locals from the church) and food will be SIMPLE! (And though that sounds bad, we’ve found that it’s a dear and bonding part of the trip. They’ll fondly remember many meals of baguettes, cheese and salami!)

Fundraising will be a critical piece of gathering the money. We encourage students to begin to take on odd jobs around their neighborhoods, do some garage sales, etc. We will encourage students to write to family and family friends with information about their mission, looking for partners to donate towards them. In the Seattle area we’ll also be having some general fundraising opportunities. We encourage the students to partner with their church leadership to get a vision for the summer and work together to help fund the students. Finally we hope that parents will see the value of a life changing situation where students are pulled out of their ruts, their gaming, obsessive screen times, and perhaps bad relationships – and are allowed to enter into deep fellowship, ministry and seeing lives changed. Our goal is to spoil them for the Kingdom of God – so that they will find it difficult to go back to who they were.

Nations Outreach Mission Trips

We offer a variety of short-term mission trips throughout the year. You can join us. Whether it’s a traditional group mission trips or a dynamic mission trips with our storytelling team–there’s always new opportunities to experience the mission field.

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Led by Craig Finley, our experienced staff will support you each step of the way. They will coordinate everything on the ground and help prepare you for your mission trip.

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