Pakistan Outreach

Despite their oppression, Christians in Pakistan are spreading the gospel. You can join us. With your gift, we can provide care for Pakistanis.

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Our purpose

The word “Yes” will change your life. There’s no better example of this, than the Christians in Pakistan. The Pakistani church faces many threats every day–including violence and enslavement. We have seen first-hand, Christians who are modern-day slaves at brick factories.

Despite their oppression, Christians in Pakistan are saying “Yes” to whatever God asks of them. Whether it’s serving others, staying where they know God’s given them a role, or being faithful to what’s in front of them–our brothers and sisters are relentlessly pursuing the Christ Jesus.

At Nations Outreach, we want to support and encourage the Christians in Pakistan. We need your help to achieve our goals in Pakistan. Please donate today and support missionaries and churches in Pakistan.

Our targets

  • Raise $3,500 to purchase a durable 4×4 vehicle for missionaries in Pakistan.
  • Purchase sewing machines ($50 each) for the Pakistan sewing school.
  • Raise awareness of the challenges faced by missionaries in Pakistan.
  • Add 100 prayer partners to the Pakistan Prayer Team.

Pakistan Videos

Inside The Persecuted Church In Pakistan Witness the unwavering faith and generosity of the persecuted Pakistani church who are dedicated to living the gospel. 11 min • April 9, 2024
Christians In Pakistan Saying “Yes” To God In the first episode of Into The Nations, Andy meets Christians in Pakistan with stories of hope, unity, and change. 12 min • April 2, 2024

Are there Christian missionaries in Pakistan?

Yes! Nations Outreach works with multiple Christian missionaries in Pakistan. Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan are some of the kindest, hardest working missionaries we’ve ever met

With your financial support, we can help Pakistan missionaries continue to share the gospel and make disciples.

A group of Christian missionaries in Pakistan.
A group of Christian missionaries in Pakistan. (Credit Andy Ziesemer)
Christians in Pakistan
A group of Christians traveling in Pakistan. (Credit Andy Ziesemer)

What is the Christian population in Pakistan?

The estimated Christian population in Pakistan is 2,481,000 people. The Pakistan Christian population is just 1% of the total population. For comparison, Islam is a staggering 97.6% of the population and Hinduism at 1.3%.

As a minority group, Christians in Pakistan face oppression in various forms including social pressure, imprisonment, and enslavement. There’s an estimated 3-4 million slaves in Pakistan, many of them are Christians.

Are there Christian churches in Pakistan?

Yes! There are Christian churches in Pakistan. The church in Pakistan is growing. However, the church in Pakistan is under constant threat–including violence.

In August 2023, 26 Christian churches were burned in Jaranwala, Pakistan. With a reported 80 Christian homes looted and destroyed.

A Christian church in Pakistan.
A Christian church in Pakistan. (Credit Andy Ziesemer)