Ukraine Aid & Care

Despite being tired and weary, the church in Ukraine is providing aid. You can help! With your gift, we can provide care for Ukrainians.

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Our purpose

“I will give you rest.” Amidst the chaos of war, Christians in Ukraine are trusting those words spoken by Jesus. Despite being tired and weary, the church in Ukraine continues to care for their community.

The war in Ukraine has left an indelible scar on the nation. In March of 2024, we sent a team into Ukraine to care for people. We developed relationships with local pastors, churches, and missionaries, who are selflessly giving everything they have to care for their neighbors.

At Nations Outreach, we want to support the Christians who are providing aid, shelter, and care during the war. We have partners in Kyiv, Mukachevo, and Hlukhiv. We need your help. Your gift will help sustain these partners provide aid to Ukraine refugees and communities impacted by the war.

Our targets

  • Raise $10,000 for Ukraine aid and care.
  • Add 100 prayer partners to the Ukraine Prayer Team.
  • Return to Ukraine to encourage our partners throughout the country.

Ukraine Videos

How Churches Are Helping Ukraine Refugees See the church in action as the Ukraine refugee crisis unfolded and how the church is still helping today. 10 min • May 7, 2024
I Wasn’t Ready To See This In Ukraine Experience the raw emotion of Ukraine’s crisis, as Andy reflects on faith and family. 9 min • April 30, 2024
Our team serving refugees in Ukraine in March 2024. (Credit: Andy Ziesemer)

Helping Ukraine Refugees

As of March 2024, there are 6.5 million refugees from Ukraine with 3.4 million of those displaced inside Ukraine. Nations Outreach has partnered with local churches and Christian charities in Ukraine that are on the ground helping the ongoing Ukrainian refugee crisis.

With your help, we provide aid to our partners so they can continue to serve refugees across Ukraine. There’s an estimated 14.6 million people that need humanitarian assistance in Ukraine. Our goal is raise $10,000 to send to our partners so they can continue to provide aid, shelter, and food.

Sharing The Gospel In Ukraine

During our visit to Ukraine in March 2024, Nations Outreach developed relationships with churches and missionaries across the entire nation.

We met a growing church in Kyiv, Ukraine that is sharing the hope of the gospel in the midst of the chaos of war. We saw Christian missionaries in Mukachevo, Ukraine are serving refugees–providing shelter, food, and the love of Jesus–while those displaced by the war figure out where they’re going next. Just a few miles from the Ukrainian-Russian border, we found a church community in Hlukhiv that is tired and weary, but continues to serve its community and share hope.

We want to support these brothers and sisters. We are looking to add 100 prayer partners to our Ukraine prayer team to encourage and support Christians in Ukraine.

A memorial in Kyiv, Ukraine
A war memorial in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Credit: Andy Ziesemer)
Eastern Orthodox Church in Ukraine
An Eastern Orthodox Church in Ukraine. (Credit: Andy Ziesemer)

What type of Christianity is in Ukraine?

The types of Christianity in Ukraine are diverse, but are primarily made up of Orthodox and Catholic denominations.

Yes, there are evangelical Christians in Ukraine, with a growing number of people converting from Eastern Orthodox and Catholic denominations. Evangelical churches have been in existence in Ukraine since the 19th century, but their numbers significantly increased after the fall of communism in 1991. Today, there are approximately 800,000 evangelicals in Ukraine, making up about 2% of the population.

The main religion in Ukraine is Eastern Orthodox Christianity at 67.3%. There’s over 11% that are non-religious, followed by Greek Catholic with 9.4%. Protestant Christian is estimated to be about 2.2%.

In the year 988, Ukraine officially became a Christian country when Prince Vladimir I of Kiev was baptized into the Eastern Orthodox faith. This event marked the beginning of Christianity’s influence in Ukrainian society and culture, with many churches and monasteries being built across the nation. Since then, Orthodox Christianity has remained a dominant religion in Ukraine.