Published March 11, 2024

It’s hard to leave.

Andy Ziesemer
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I’ve got lots of time on airplanes to think about things. I don’t sleep well on long flights. Which is super inconvenient with what I’ve chosen to do. So as I sit on this long layover in London Heathrow airport, I just want you to know how grateful I am to do these things we do. 

Yes, it’s always really difficult getting on a plane knowing these ladies are staying back. I really love when they get to join me on trips. However, that’s obviously not always an option.

I get asked a lot about how we manage our family life as I travel on mission. Sarah and I have spent countless hours talking about this over the years. I think what we’ve come to realize, is that our little family has a super unique thing going for us. Yes, I do travel frequently, but then, if you do the math, I actually get to be home with my family far more hours in a month than most Dads ever get to be. That’s incredibly unique, and truly valuable to us. We’ve learned —and are still learning— to use those chunks of time in really special ways, building experiences and time as a family that we find valuable. 

May has recently started to enjoy playing Lego, which brings me great joy as we have sat around for hours this month, building castles, mermaid homes, and whatever else her imagination can dream up. She also loves carrying around that little wooden camera, taking hundreds of fake pictures of us throughout the week. It’s amazing to watch her develop and find things she’s passionate about, even at only three years of age. 

We’re also grateful that we’ve got so many phenomenal people around us. People who graciously take May into their home to care for her while Sarah and/or I work, or when we need a dinner out. People who evidence their care over and over again by giving of their time. 

Thank you. You know who you are. 

As a family, we know God has given us unique opportunities to be involved in the Kingdom of God on a global scale. We never take that for granted. The travel to see what God is doing throughout the world, the friends who welcome us —and our daughter— into their homes, the surplus of time we get to spend with May… these are all valuable to us. 

As I head out on this trip to be a part of what God is doing in Eastern Europe, I wanted to thank those of you who support and care for us. And I want to honor my wife and daughter, who are doing these things alongside me every day of the year.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. 

~ Andy

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