February 12, 2024

What I Saw In Rome

Andy Ziesemer
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I spent four short nights in Rome last week, but it was fantastic.

My primary reason for the trip was to meet up with the team serving the community in Kosovo at Newborn Brew *new videos about this time will be coming soon*, but I also had the chance to join up with longtime friends who are a part of the small, impactful, local church community in Rome.

While Italy is incredibly religious, it is estimated that less than two percent of the country identifies as what we would call “evangelical Christians”. In short, that means they not only claim to have faith in God, but have a true relationship with Jesus.

Finding healthy gatherings of the Christian church throughout Europe is super encouraging. And as I gathered with them (and had the chance to lead a worship song in English), it was so obvious to see not only their heart for the city, but the clear desire to share the Gospel with the nations. Rome is an incredibly diverse city, full of people from across the globe.

Of the thirty-ish people that were a part of the service on Saturday morning, I think I spoke to people from no less than eight countries!

It was super encouraging to see their heart to share the Gospel in the heart of the city, their support their immigrant community, and their passion for worship. I look forward to showing you more of what’s happening in Rome in the future.

Late Saturday evening we packed up the team from Newborn Brew, took a train to Rome airport, and flew to Skopje, North Macedonia. From there we piled into cars and taxis to make the journey north to Kosovo. We had our passports checked at the border, dropped off all our team members, and finally landed in bed at 5 am.

I’m writing this update from Prishtinë, sitting at Newborn Brew. We’re currently planning out the Valentines Day party, where I’m excited to play an acoustic concert and spend the evening with all our Albanian friends.

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