Published March 14, 2024

Is serving from the “backlines” effective?

Douglas & Marcsi Ziesemer
Douglas Ziesemer
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In the past few years, there have been so many ministry opportunities that have arisen that call us to the frontlines of a fight. To cross the border into Ukraine, to fly to Israel to provide aid to those in need, and to bring food and water to the Mexico border when there is a mass influx of refugees.

All these situations call for us to be on the front lines.

However, for every one of those who answer the call and can cross those borders, there must also be those who work on the backlines.

I have, for 15 years of my life, been a frontline kind of guy. But, more recently, I have become a backline guy! I needed to stay back when the call to go to the front came. I quickly realized that the mission work that’s done on the ground in the back is just as valuable to those who are receiving aid, as it is to those who directly receive aid on the front.

I have had to battle with myself to not see this as a “lesser” role in the mission field. It’s not a battle that is ever fully won for me as my heart still yearns to go to the front! But I know that providing food and water to the incoming refugees who made it past the front is just as valuable. Maybe even more so for those who have pushed through the front to get here.

It has been 2-years since the conflict in Ukraine has started. Being in Hungary, we are a hub of the West. Millions of people have flooded through our borders to find refuge behind these walls.

I have had the unique privilege to welcome just a tiny fraction of these by offering a taxi ride, food, water, and a welcoming hug.

To anyone who serves on the backlines in any area of the world, we value you! We salute you! To those on the front lines, we value you! We salute you!

We are all serving Jesus’ mission to the world. This mission is laid out in Mark 16:15, He [Jesus] said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Never forget. Whether you are helping someone in your home, in a war zone, or someone walking on the street, that moment of help is more valuable to that person, in the moment than you could ever imagine!

– Douglas Ziesemer

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